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At last

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Perhaps you might have picked up by now that I’m not a huge Sky TV fan.  To recap for those who haven’t enjoyed my rant, I dislike any company that sits back and refuses to innovate on the principle that they’re earning enough money from their current customer base and see no reason to move forward.  Or at least, that’s how it comes off.

Having just come back from a couple of weeks in the USA, I feel even more irate on this particular subject and I’m once again climbing my soapbox.  Despite my views, there is still a Sky box in our house.  Mostly because the cat likes to sleep on it, but also because occasionally there’s sport that the other half wants to watch.  Go figure.  But they’re hanging in there with a thread.

Perhaps they could have redeemed themselves recently, they certainly had a chance to.  They announced they were going to launch an online service, so you could watch what you want, when you want.  Fantastic, that’s part of my pain, I’d love them to fix that.  It annoyed me no end to come home from holiday to find my sky data was 100% full – of the news.  Daily repeat recordings had filled it up.  And it had not recorded my favourite programmes…because it was full.  Unbelievably out dated technology, seriously would they just get rid of that decoder already!

But then they announced that the customer will have to, in fact, pay for the service, it’s not going to be just added value.  So hang on a minute, you have me for each room, you don’t have me for Soho (because I REFUSE to pay more again for content you should be providing as part of your current charge), we don’t have movies or Rialto, and we won’t get the new on-demand service, yet our bill is still just shy of $200 per month.  FOR WHAT?!

So the hero of the story this week is Telecom. Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that.  Coming from the girl who once set up a website ‘sortyourshitout.com’ and dedicated it to Telecom, it’s an impressive leap forward in relations.  But I am excited, genuinely.  The team over at Lightbox seem committed to the cause of ‘freeing’ up TV and changing the way this industry works.  They’ve announced that Lightbox, launching in a few weeks time, will have nearly 5,000 hours of TV that you can access for $15 per month.  The shows include previously unseen (legally in NZ) such as Vikings, latest season 24 and others (I’ve heard some rumours, it’s sounding pretty good).

I’ve got Netflix at home.  Wait, scrap that.  I HAD Netflix at home, but subsequently they must have worked out that I was a dirty great big fibber and have blocked my access.  I still have US iTunes, but I have to admit that I pay through the nose for the shows on there (I’m catching up on 24 at $1.99 per episode…you do the math).  So consequently I’m delighted to hear that there’s a way for me to get access to content that I want to watch, legally and at a reasonable watch.  Oh and that I can choose WHEN I want to watch and HOW.

About time.  Count me in.