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Drama is the new black

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Having just finished #lightboxing the first season of Orange is the New Black, bingeing on all of Homeland, House of Cards and 24, I’ve decided that drama is, in fact, the new black. Or at least in my household.

You’d think with the sheer amount of tension and pressure I’m under with having a start-up business like Flossie Concierge I’d be keen for something a bit lighter to entertain me and divert my attention. But it’s as if the sheer level of intensity that goes with this style of show makes my life feel rather sedate in comparison.

Let’s take a day in the life of Jack Bauer, for instance. That dude is under some intense pressure. It’s a regular occurrence to have the fate of the entire United States of America resting on a singular snap decision he makes. He regularly flips death-by-a-hundred-impossible-to-survive scenarios the bird. Not to mention the hour-to-hour tasks of sniffing out the rat, breaking up a love triangle, coming out unscathed from a knife/fist/gun/vehicle fight, overcoming corruption and having a heart to heart with his daughter. He does all of this seemingly without any sustenance or pit stops and with a dicky ticker. God I love Jack. He’s competent in multi tasking ways that none of us have really ever seen in men, like ever.

It would seem that I am not alone in my thirst for drama. There’s an insatiable appetite for this type of programming. We just can’t get enough. Give us high intensity, quick dialogue, mega drama in bulk, please. Not just once a week – all at once – mass TV consumption. Inhale it as quickly as I like. Who needs sleep?

But what to turn to after you’ve over indulged in one show? You’ve got to have a back up plan. I like to keep a handy list of “what next” so I can move from my TV entrée, quickly to main and onto dessert without any need for a break.

Here are my favourite dramatic #lightbox shows currently:

  • Outlander. It goes without saying that I’m a bit of a me-too girl when it comes to my drama. Joining the hordes of people getting into this is more than just following, this show really does have it all; time travel, lewd sex scenes, violence, tyranny and a love story / triangle.
  • Orange is the New Black. With an opening scene featuring graphic lesbian sex, this was always going to be a ratings winner. But setting aside the prison girl-on-girl action, it has a great storyline with a variety of interesting and notable characters. The interwoven back stories of the inmates makes for a reality check on how easy it is to fall foul of the law.
  • House of Cards. If you haven’t managed to join the long line of converted fans yet, best you get on board the band wagon. This show will literally cause you to shout out loud, “NO WAY!” at several junctures.
  • 24 – as stated, is there anything Jack can’t do?
  • Homeland – intense acting, Claire Danes at her frighteningly finest.
  • For a bit of old school – get into Hustle & Boston Legal