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#lightboxing like a boss

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Hallelujah, the TV gods were listening.  You’d hope so given how frequently I’ve banged on about this one. It feels like asking Santa for the same gift, year after year – surely there was no room for misinterpretation.  I’ve been so good too! Also, it’s not like I’ve been alone in my request, literally thousands of other kiwis have been with me on this.  Their actions have spoken more loudly than their words, quietly signing themselves up via the backdoor to Netflix and switching their patriotism to the USA away from their NZ iTunes roots.

But at last, we don’t have to resort to illegal access – New Zealander’s can proudly stand up amongst the rest of the modern world because DIGITAL TV has finally reached us!  We can yell it loud and proud “we are no longer the laggards of the digital TV revolution!”

And by crikey, it’s not half bad either!  I hope that doesn’t sound too under-enthusiastic either (honestly, I’m always grateful for my Christmas presents!).  But the reality is that the various media commentators in the lead up to this launch did their best to down play Telecom’s first act in this territory.  In fact, the haters wasted no time in just jumping in and pulling it to pieces before Lightbox had even announced a launch date, content partnerships or anything else remotely resembling information that could be used to beat them with.  It would be understandable if Joe Public had undertaken a “sit back and see” approach to it.

But since then I have had the unique pleasure to sit on the Lightbox panel, a team curated to help feedback on the strategy with the management team.  They welcomed input and at each step demonstrated a real passion for getting this right.  Not once in those meetings did I roll my eyes at the sheer corporateness of it all (which would not be unusual of me).  You know why?  Because they didn’t act like one; they genuinely got out of their own way.  I would go as far as to say that they acted like a start-up.  And in fact, that is how their Spark owners are treating them internally. Their set-up has been deliberately established to allow them breathing space to behave in a way that doesn’t hold them back, or inhibit them from ducking and diving.

Come launch time evidence of this approach was everywhere and as a result I felt genuinely proud of what they delivered.  What the team achieved in barely a year was impressive; the platform is usable and friendly, the quality is first class and the content is outstanding.  There is much to like, and plenty to love.  Just ask those into Outlander.  They’ll bend your ear for as long as you’ll allow on just how awesome this “exclusive to Lightbox” show is.  I’ve just tackled the first episode, and I’m hooked.  But the fun doesn’t stop there, between high quality back catalogues, exclusive content and latest season popular shows – there’s a good 5,000+ hours of viewing to be had.

And no, I’m not being paid to say that.  What has been delivered in the time frames genuinely impresses me.  After their launch event, I came away inspired and with ideas on what I can do in my own business to replicate some of the successful relationships they have forged.

But as a consumer, here’s the best bit.  You can watch it whenever you want.  You don’t have to remember to ‘record’.  Whenever you feel the urge, you can pick up any of your five devices it allows you to use on one account and gorge yourself silly…and for only $15 (not to mention the first month free).

What’s not to like about that?  I say, get #Lightboxing.


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