Passionately Disobedient

Progress comes from insight, curiosity and listening to customer experience.  I’m always willing to stick my neck out to work out how to “fix the pain” – and hope by doing so others can do the same.  It doesn’t always make you popular, mind you.

Constant Starter

I’ve been practicing the art of MIUAIGA (Making It Up As I Go Along) since I was 21 born. I’m constantly creating, inventing, failing, learning and investing in new ideas and progress.  Just keepin’ on starting.

Change Ambassador

My core belief is that innovation comes from people who have an overall comfort with change, appreciate their own vulnerability and have a willingness to be wrong and / or do it differently!

Coverage & Action

Give me a microphone and I’ll hog it for a while. Beating the digital, inspiration, entrepreneurship, female business leader drum!  Unfailingly honest.    CLICK HERE.

What Others Think

From start-ups to corporates, I’ve unleashed my straight talking on many of New Zealand’s leading consumer brands. Find out how they reacted… CLICK HERE.

Speeches and Workshops

Multi-national and local corporates have allowed me to use my strategic skills to help drive innovative thinking – including Spark, TVNZ, Loyalty NZ, Westpac and Old Mout Cider. CLICK HERE.

Living with Endo

The disease that sucks joy out.  As a sufferer, I’m focused on kicking it’s ass and making others suffering feel more understood and supported. Get involved. CLICK HERE.

Things I’ve started…